A Need For Increased Testing In Teens

A new study from Pediatrics which was led by health scientist  Michelle Van Handel of the CDC shows that while there has been a decrease in HIV Cases Nationwide, “In recent years,” there still is the issue of how 1-in-4 new HIV diagnoses are for youth ages 13-24. Testing is key to prevent the spread of HIV, so it is worrisome that less than 1-in-4 high school students who have had sex have ever been tested for HIV–a statistic that was the same almost eight years ago despite efforts to boost testing for teens.

Another concern is how nearly half of U.S.high school students have had sex, and they often report not using condoms to a greater degree than older adults, with collegiate students reporting slightly higher use too.  These youth (13-24) make-up only 17% of the United States population, but accounted for 26% of all new HIV infections within the United States in 2010. That means out of 47,500 new HIV infections, 12,200 of those cases were youth.oraquickHIV screening can be done with simple blood draws,  mouth swabs, or a urine test. We here at Williams and Associates offer free confidential HIV testing and encourage you–regardless of your age–to come to us if you desire to be tested or just want more information.


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