We Observed National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

This weekend Williams and Associates assisted KORE-U in celebrating National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!  We started the day at Crossroads Prep where a screening was held of the seminal film, “Tongues Untied,” which was followed by discussion among the attendees about how far we have come since the movie’s debut in 1989–and how much farther there still is to go.

More Discussion.JPG
The post-movie discussion was full of insight

Next everyone marched to the now-closed hospital that was once known as the Saint Louis Regional Medical Center before becoming Connect Care in 1998 and closing down in 2013. This location was where many individuals impacted by HIV earlier on in its history found themselves, and also where many tragically died. While marching everyone chanted:

“What do we want?”

“A cure!”

“When do we want it?”


and many walking and driving by expressed their support via hand-waves and smiles.

Talk Show.JPG
The “Tea Talk Show”

Later that evening was, “The Tea Talk Show & Drag Divas Halftime Show,” at the Cross Cultural Center. There was a talk-show style event held where various guests spoke and interacted with the crowd. It was a wonderful weekend and we thank everyone who came out to join us! Here are some more pictures of the day too:

Sign In
Morning sign-in
Tounges Untied
Getting ready to watch “Tongues Untied”
Group discussion
Getting ready to march
Hospital Location
The old Regional Medical Center/Connect Care
Willams, Green, and Rafter
From Left to Right: Erise Williams, Randy Rafter, and James Green
Evening Crowd
People getting seated for the evening event
Thanks to Walgreens for taking part in this day!



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