Trauma-Informed Service Provision–What is it?

Today’s post is about Trauma-Informed Service Provision, also known as Trauma-Informed Services or Trauma-Informed Care. It’s a big phrase but the idea behind it is simple: Having your services engage with consumers in a way that recognizes the impact of trauma in their lives and acknowledges the role that trauma has played.

No one is immune to trauma, and it can strike anyone. Be it something in the past such as abuse, or a more recent event that could vary from an awful car-crash to the sudden loss of a loved one, trauma-informed care is extremely important.  The concept of trauma is broad for this reason, and entities should strive to be trauma-informed. Resources such as schools, medical settings, and non-profits that assist the community all need to work to make sure they are ready to provide trauma-informed service.

truma triangle

For example, at Williams and Associates we provide a variety of free testing including but not limited to HIV tests. Should someone receive a positive diagnosis of HIV that can be a shocking event for them and those of us here at Williams and Associates have been trained to assist someone with the stress they may feel in that moment and in the time after learning their status. Through support and care someone can come to realize that HIV is no longer the terrifying death sentence that it was viewed as years ago, but a chronic illness that can be treated.

Whether you call it Trauma-Informed Service Provision, Trauma-Informed Care, or any other phrase, the goal is the same as with the rest of social services–to provide consumers with the best care possible that suits their specific needs and requirements.



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