Upcoming Family Movie Night!

We at Williams and Associates have been telling people on Facebook, putting up flyers at awesome comic-book stores, and calling everyone we know to share how excited we are for our upcoming free family movie night this Friday!

That’s right, on Friday 9/23/16 at 7:00 PM  at our Rustin’s Place location (114 North Sarah Street, Saint Louis, MO, 63113) we will be showing the latest move in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Captain America: Civil War.” We will have free snacks, fun trivia, and a raffle for free comics as we show the third movie to feature Steve Rogers/Captain America!

This film involves Steve and a bunch of his fellow Avengers facing off against Tony Stark/Iron Man and his group of Avengers when a variety of incidents result in political pressure to put the Avengers under official Government-control and the team strongly disagrees about the idea. Full of awesome characters we know and love from previous movies as well as awesome new heroes such as Black Panther (and an appearance by a certain web-slinging hero), “Captain America: Civil War,” was a stellar flick and we are pumped to be showing it!

We encourage you to come and bring your friends, family, siblings, etc. for what is sure to be a great time full of free snacks, exciting trivia, and a raffle for free comics!

Please call 314-385-1935 with any questions about the movie night and we look forward to seeing you this Friday at 7:00 PM, and as mentioned, Rustin’s Place is located at 114 North Sarah Street, Saint Louis, MO, 63113.


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