The UK Provides Further Evidence of PrEP’s Effectiveness, But Faces an Obstacle

PrEP has previously been discussed on the blog, with its successes at reducing the risk of HIV well-recorded. Now, there is strong evidence of PrEP dramatically helping reduce the rate of HIV-transmission in the United Kingdom.

In the city of London alone a 40% drop in HIV transmission rates has been observed over a single year (2015-2016). It is worth noting the UK approved the use of Truvada (the drug taken to prevent HIV) for the purposes of PrEP, but the complicated part is that while the UK government allows PrEP, its health services do not currently pay for it. That means people are spending thousands of pounds (the UK currency) in the span of year simply to prevent an infection that would actually cost more to treat than through taking PrEP.

In the United States many insurance plans cover PrEP once it is prescribed by a doctor, and in some parts of the country it is possible to get PrEP even if you lack insurance or have an insurance plan that doesn’t cover it. The UK will hopefully soon provide funding for PrEP, but right now in America there are many options that cost someone little-to-nothing out of their own pocket. To determine if PrEP is right for you it is always wise to do research and/or talk to a doctor about your risk factors.


Article about PrEP in the UK:

CDC, “Basics,” about PrEP:



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