There is No Excuse for Lacking Protection

It Should Be Clear…

One thing that should be clear but seemingly isn’t is this: There is no excuse for lacking protection. Whether you need condoms, dental dams, or any other safer-sex supplies there is not valid excuse for lacking them and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Let’s review some excuses and why they are so flawed.

Excuses, Excuses!

I can’t afford that stuff!

You don’t have to buy condoms, just by checking the internet you can find countless resources that supply safer-sex items. Just in Saint Louis alone you can easily get them from our agency, Williams and Associates, or go to STL Condoms and find tons of locations with free safer-sex supplies. Just because you’re low on cash that doesn’t mean you can skip being safe.

I’m allergic to latex.

This is an old standby. Even if someone is allergic to latex (and many people are) there are polyurethane condoms, dental dams, etc.

I take birth control, I’m good.

Birth control doesn’t protect against STIs in the least, so skip this excuse.

Condoms and Dental Dams are uncomfortable/reduce pleasure/are gross.

You know what’s really uncomfortable and gross? A burning discharge coming out of your genitals. If condoms are that big of a turn-off for you that you’re willing to risk the health and safety of yourself and your partner, than that’s incredibly irresponsible.

I’m a woman who has sex with women, I’m not at risk.

False, even if you’re a woman who only has sex with women you still are at risk for sexually transmitted infections and should use protective measures such as dental dams. While they may not be as plentiful and easy-to-find as condoms, plenty of nonprofits (such as ours) or a health department would be happy to supply you with dental dams.

They don’t fit me/I’m too big!

Too big, really? Surreeee. Regular condoms are designed to be extremely flexible while remaining sturdy, so your attempt to brag just comes off as ignorance. If you truly think regular condoms won’t fit you there always are Magnums, which our agency and others are happy to provide

Don’t Have an Excuse

Readers of this blog have probably heard all kinds of silly excuses too, but they are just that–silly excuses. Should you desire some safer-sex supplies we here at Williams and Associates encourage you to either reach-out to us or any other available resource to make sure you engage in safer-sex. As the title of this post states, there is no excuse for lacking protection, so don’t put yourself in a situation where you try to make one up!


STL Condoms Website:

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Article about how women who have sex with women still are at risk for STIs:

Informative pieces about dental dams:


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