New Findings Discuss High Prevalence of HPV

This blog has repeated time and time again the importance of practicing safer sexuality, and a new data brief from the National Center for Health Statistic (NCHS) finds that within certain demographics almost half of population has HPV. HPV is also known as the Human Papillomavirus and it is a sexually transmitted infection where approximately 90% of infections are cleared form the body but in chronic cases can lead to genital warts and certain forms of cancer. According to a new finding nearly 42% of Americans between the ages of 18-49 have been infected at some point with HPV. Also, 45.2% of all men have had the virus as well.

These startling statistics are yet another example of why using condoms, dental dams, and all other forms of safer-sex supplies is a wise choice. Also, there are vaccines for certain strands of HPV that can help reduce health risks as well which is an option worth exploring.


NCHS Data Brief:

Articles Discussing the Findings:


Article about the HPV vaccine:


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