Troubling News about Gonorrhea Illustrates the Importance of Safer-Sex

Gonorrhea has previously been discussed on the blog and is known for how it can cause burning sensations as well as how if left untreated it can lead to infertility. Also known as, “The Clap,” there is new and troubling news about Gonorrhea. Essentially, the bacteria is getting, “Smarter,” and harder to treat. Now, Gonorrhea of course is not actually capable of conscious thought, but every time a case is treated it requires antibiotics and as with many bacteria treated via medication, it is getting increasingly difficult. Through the disease evolving more and more antibiotic-resistant and immune versions of Gonorrhea are becoming apparent.

gonorrhea no longer this simple to cure
With the increase in resistance and immunity it often no longer this simple (also note, “Veneral,” is a highly outdated term now).

Just how does a particular strain of Gonorrhea become antibiotic-resistant or immune? One big concern is when antibiotics are not used properly. If someone is prescribed an antibiotic is it incredibly important they take all of it as prescribed, because not finishing an entire course of antibiotics has arguably resulted in much of the resistance and immunity we see in a variety bacteria today. In order to avoid the possibility of contracting any strain of Gonorrhea the key is to practice safer-sex such as using condoms and be aware of the risk factors for Gonorrhea that would make getting tested for it regularly a wise choice. Safety and prevention are key!


Discussion of antibiotic-resistant and immune Gonorrhea:

Information about antibiotic resistance in bacteria:

Gonorrhea Risk Factors:

Gonorrhea prevention:


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