World AIDS Day

Today is December 1st, also known as World AIDS Day. Established in 1988 this is a day of remembrance for all those we have lost to HIV and AIDS as well as a time to note how far we’ve come–plus how much further there is to go. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can of course lead to an AIDS status when a person’s immune system reaches a very low level–a CD4 level that could be as reduced as the low hundreds or even single digits (to put that in perspective, someone without HIV could have a CD4 of 1600) this of course can result in a person getting sick easier with a variety of opportunistic infections. Whereas when AIDS was first identified decades ago it was thought of as a death sentence it now is a treatable chronic condition.

If you are sexually active you should always make sure to regularly get tested as you have no excuse to be unaware of your HIV status. Please know you are always welcome to come to Williams and Associates for a free HIV test as well as safer-sex supplies!


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