Who We Are


The mission of Williams and Associates, Inc. is to provide preventive health education, disease prevention, health promotion and care services that address the health disparities of minorities in the St. Louis Bi-State Region, with particular regard to African Americans.


The vision of Williams and Associates, Inc. is zero percent disparity and one hundred percent access in health and healthcare services for minority populations in the St. Louis Bi-State Region.

Education! Prevention! & Wellness!

EDUCATION: Education works! Education is the cure for ignorance.

PREVENTION: Prevention works! People can save a lot of pain, worry, and money by avoiding health problems when possible.

WELLNESS: Wellness works!  Healthy people through healthy communities.

We seek to:

  • Address minority health disparities;
  • Be an instrument in community disease prevention activities;
  • Provide care services;
  • Provide health education;
  • Promote wellness and a healthy community;

Williams and Associates, Inc. is a community based non-profit organization addressing minority health disparities, principally focusing on the impact of the AIDS epidemic on minority communities. The board of directors, staff and volunteers are representative of the communities the organization serves (i.e. Black men, women, youth and the elderly).

Build the capacity of other community organizations, stakeholders, and individuals to address minority health disparities across America.

Founded by Erise Williams, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, the services offered include education, prevention and wellness programs that will address major health problems within minority and ethnic communities, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, mental health and others. Services provided by the organization are designed to empower community members to take on a proactive role in their health care. These services include: street and community outreach; HIV/AIDS counseling and testing/partner counseling and referral services; speakers’ bureau; support groups; treatment education and community mobilization in the area of minority health disparities.