What Is Case Management?

You may be asking upon looking at this blog, “Just what is Case Management?”

Well, one way to describe it is to say that Case Management is another important piece in the, “Puzzle,” that together makes up your health! Just as with a regular puzzle, when a piece is missing something is clearly wrong, and when it comes to healthcare an individual of course wants all their, “Pieces,” to fit together perfectly and provide them with the best assistance possible.

We here at Williams and associates are classified in the category of being, “Medical Case Managers,” as we assist clients with their medical needs in addition to other requests. A Medical Case Manager is therefore essentially someone who helps client live the healthiest and most productive life they can!case manager

Here at Williams and Associates our Case Managers assist individuals with HIV and AIDS who are at or below 300% of the FPL in acquiring care.  We provide a linkage to care for clients who need referrals for medical treatment, basic needs, utility assistance, and whatever we can do to help whatever problem a client may have!

We don’t only help our clients however, we go out and educate the community on prevention, help hold events, and otherwise do what we can to help people live the healthiest, happiest lives they can!